Emkore is a tale of friendship, adventure and a passion to make the world a better place, bit by byte. In the summer of 2013, Arjan van der Vlies and Jonas Hartmann met while working for the same startup in Hong Kong S.A.R. Together they worked on numerous Android and BlackBerry apps, Arjan as a UI/UX designer and Jonas as a full-stack programmer. After Arjan left the startup in 2014 they missed working together and over a coffee at a local Starbucks in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong they decided to join forces and develop software in the evening hours. Today, Emkore is an international software house with a presence in Hong Kong S.A.R., the United States and The Netherlands.

Arjan van der Vlies

A.J. van der Vlies Arjan van der Vlies started out as a marketing intern for a Hong Kong based startup. The internship turned into a full-time position, and during that time he was given a chance to develop his UI/UX design skills. These skills were further honed working at regional level for a large real estate firm, managing and designing digital solutions. Arjan’s approach to user interface and user experience design is one of providing convenience through minimalism. Besides UI/UX, Arjan is also does general graphic design, such as logos, visual identities and print design.

Jonas Hartmann

J. Hartmann

Jonas Hartmann started early on building mobile apps for various events in Germany, and after completing his Master’s degree in computer science, he moved to Hong Kong to work for a startup. Over the years Jonas has gained a reputation of efficiency and speed, building solutions that scale and work regardless what operating system the user prefers. His work is characterized by an anticipation of future feature needs, resulting in a software solution that works today, tomorrow and next year.