So, you need an app that allows your staff to collect data on-the-go, which then gets collected and treated in the cloud and made available in real-time to your staff working from desktop computers world wide? You’ve come to the right address! Emkore specializes in cross-platform software solutions. Our philosophy is that software should be tailored to the user’s preferences, not the other way round.

Using Google’s Flutter framework, we are able to build apps using a single code base, saving you time an money. Another benefit of using a single code base is that future updates can be rolled out quicker, ensuring your users have access to the latest version of your app, sooner than later. Besides Flutter, we also work with React Native, NativeScript, Xamarin, SharePoint and Sitecore.

We have all required skills in-house to realize your software needs and as such, we are your one-stop-shop of all your software solutions. The people you’re discussing your project with, are also the people building your software solution, providing you peace of mind. Have a look at our portfolio for some of our previously built platforms. If you’re curious what software solutions we can provide your business, email us, or call us at +1 360 566 2276.

Previously Built Platforms