MeteorSpark App Development, Graphic Design iOS Revamping the iOS Build MeteorSpark contacted Emkore to help work on the JustDo smartphone app. JustDo is a collaborative management app, providing its users with an on-the-go solution to project management. Seeing the positive feedback from Android users, JustDo wanted to replicate [...]



Swapit Limited Platform Development, App Development, Prototyping, Project Management Android SDK, iOS, Server Location Based Marketplace for Pre-Loved Items Swapit is a smartphone app for Android and iPhone enabling users to trade or swap pre-loved items. What sets Swapit apart from other second-hand trading platforms is that it's [...]



Swapit Limited Platform Development, App Development, Prototyping, Project Management Android, iOS, Server A High Quality Low-Budget eCommerce Platform Goody is an innovative eCommerce platform providing high-quality products at heavily reduced prices. Jonas Hartmann, co-founder of Emkore, has been at the core of Goody's success and is the platform's [...]



Cryptograph App Development, UI/UX Design Flutter, Material Design Visualizing Big Data on Small Screens Cryptograph was Emkore's first smartphone app built using the Flutter framework, using Google's Material Design principles as a guideline in designing the UI/UX. Using the CoinMarketCap API, Cryptograph provide its users with on-time data [...]



SpeakEasy App Development, Platforms, Prototyping, Graphic Design, Web Development, Project Management Android, iOS Headline SpeakEasy is Emkore's answer to language barriers when travelling abroad. Using SpeakEasy, users can connect with a human interpreter for remote, on-demand language support. Interpreters working with SpeakEasy have their own smartphone application. The [...]



Headlines App Development, Graphic Design Android, iOS, Native Development, Semantic Algorithms Headline Emkore developed Headlines as an answer to fake-news, gossip and other clutter complicating how consumers get informed about current affairs. Headlines scans the Twitter activity of verified news outlets for current events, breaking news and trending [...]