Project Description


SpeakEasy is Emkore’s answer to language barriers when travelling abroad. Using SpeakEasy, users can connect with a human interpreter for remote, on-demand language support. Interpreters working with SpeakEasy have their own smartphone application. The app allows them to set an individual work schedule, see how much wage they’ve accrued and schedule payouts.

Developing the SpeakEasy platform, Emkore had to overcome numerous challenges associated with live audio communication, not in the least because both Android and iOS both handle these events in a different manner. As such, Emkore resorted to developing all SpeakEasy apps as native-builds. SpeakEasy is an excellent example of a growing prototype, whereby Emkore gradually automated tasks, building out the platform. Currently SpeakEasy boosts such features as: user management, audio call handling, schedule setting, credit card handling and a payment setup that allows SpeakEasy to charge users (e.g. travellers) and pay users (interpreters).

Have a look below at the screenshots, check out the SpeakEasy landing page, or download it for free from Google Play or the App Store.

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