Project Description


Emkore developed Headlines as an answer to fake-news, gossip and other clutter complicating how consumers get informed about current affairs. Headlines scans the Twitter activity of verified news outlets for current events, breaking news and trending topics. Then, using Reuter’s Open Calais API, all found sources and news are grouped based on semantics into the same event. This way, the user will see an overview with unique, newsworthy current events . Each single event contains a list of all the news outlets reporting on it, including used headlines.

Headlines’ innovative approach to news solves the problem of fake-news by cutting through the clutter, and it empowers its users to form an own opinion by listing all news sources, and their spin on the event. Both the Android and iOS Headlines app are native builds, with a user interface designed in line with respectively Google’s and Apple’s design standards.

Download Headlines for free at Google Play or the App Store, or have a look at the landing page.

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