Project Description

Visualizing Big Data on Small Screens

Cryptograph was Emkore’s first smartphone app built using the Flutter framework, using Google’s Material Design principles as a guideline in designing the UI/UX. Using the CoinMarketCap API, Cryptograph provide its users with on-time data on 1,600 cryptocurrencies. Designing Cryptograph, Emkore was again faced with the challenge of visualizing complex data sets on a small screen. A calm, yet contrasting, color scheme, in combination with an intuitive user interface makes that Cryptograph not only looks stunning, but also provides the user with all key cryptocurrency market data at a glance.

Emkore built Cryptograph as a free app for fellow crypto & blockchain enthusiasts. To further the objective of realizing a community driven smartphone app to check crypto market data, Emkore also included a survey in the app asking users for feedback and future feature ideas.

Have a look at the screenshots below, check out the landing page or download Cryptograph from Google Play or the App Store.

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